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Top Product Trends for Summer 2022

10 Product Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

We’re getting closer to longer and warmer days, which means it’s time to get your summer item designs in order. Packing your catalog with equal parts trendy and evergreen products will ensure a steady trickle of sales throughout the season. Experienced e-commerce entrepreneurs know that the most important part when running your own e-commerce venture is to set everything up on time. So the best time to prepare your online store for the summer is right now.

For summer 2022, we’ve compiled a list of the top product trends to take advantage of this summer season. 

Categories of E-Commerce Products

Most e-commerce businesses deal with seasonality in their sales and demand. As a result, it makes sense to segment popular e-commerce products into several distinct groups.


Evergreen Products

When we speak about so-called evergreen products, we mean the ones that are ALWAYS in extremely strong demand. As a rule, this is all about consumables, items we buy in bulk, and the ones people have to buy all the time.1


These goods are undoubtedly lucrative for e-commerce entrepreneurs. However, there is a limited list of such products, and not all of them suit online shopping perfectly.


Trending Products

Speaking about trending products to sell, these are the products that are extremely popular for a certain period of time. Most commonly, they are fashion clothing, new gadgets, etc.


These items are extremely lucrative for online stores. However, if dealing with them, it’s necessary to check industry trends and look for trending items on a permanent basis.


Seasonal Products

As for seasonal products, these are the ones that are in demand each year, during a season.


These products are also extremely promising to sell in online stores. However, you should know which items to sell during each season and prepare your e-commerce website for it each time to make the most of them.


That’s why our team conducted a study and found over 100 hot products for spring and summer in 2022. Check them all and choose the ones to benefit from with your online store!


Top Product Trends for the Summer

The following list provides the top 10 product trends to look out for in summer 2022:


  • Inflatable Mattresses

Inflatable mattresses are the very thing that people are interested in during spring and summer. This is proved by Google Trends. As you can see from the screenshot above, the demand for inflatable mattresses increases at the end of spring significantly and it’s high enough until the fall.


And since there are lots of different inflatable mattresses at low initial prices available for reselling, this is going to be a perfect hot product for spring and summer to benefit from!



Source: Google Trends


  • Swimsuits & Swimming Trunks

This is a prime example of a seasonal product. The interest in it is extremely high at the beginning of summer. Meantime, it doesn’t draw much attention in fall and winter (and this is logical).


Traditionally, demand for swimwear peaks in spring and summer. Seems like this year won’t be an exception! Even though only local tourism is accessible in many countries worldwide due to the pandemic, in most cases, the local climate and amenities still allow relaxing outdoor activities that require fancy and practical swimsuits.



Source: Google Trends


  • Home Carpets

Carpets have become one of the best-selling and trending products to sell, according to their utility, length, material, and end-use, these are items that help people keep dirt and grime out of their houses and also a piece of art or additional comfort in their home. The carpet market is expected to grow at 4% between 2022 and 2026.


Source: Google Trends

  • Tote Bags

In fact, tote bags are an evergreen product since it’s popular on the market throughout the year. However, they can be considered as an item that is commonly used in summer. This is why we recommend you pay attention to them since this is the kind of product you can benefit from!



Source: Google Trends


  • Green Powder

Green powder is a supplement extracted from vegetables, seaweed, and probiotics that boosts the immune system and helps reduce chronic disease risk; it also contains tons of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The consistent worldwide trend of this product proves that it is a stable trending product to sell online, especially in this historical period where people are very concerned about their health.


Source: Google Trends


  • Water Bottles

Water bottles are one more e-commerce product that can be classified as an evergreen one. However, this is also most often used during the summer holiday season. And this is the reason for you to consider adding this item to your online store, so you won’t regret it.



Source: Google Trends


  • Athleisure

Athleisure is designed for sportswear. Wearing sportswear even outside the training area is fashionable at the moment, especially among teenagers and young people between the ages of 20 and 30. Why sell Athleisure online? Because the user expects to find slightly lower prices than in traditional stores. Some examples of items to sell online in the athleisure category are sweatshirts, pants, caps, leggings, socks, shoes, and so on.



Source: Google Trends


  • Travel Bags

Whether for spring break or preparing for the summer, travel accessories are on the rage in spring. Travel bags are necessities for the average traveler. Travel accessories are always in demand during the spring, and even summer, seasons.



Source: Google Trends


  • Pet Food

The popularity of different types of pet foods is snowballing. When a pet is a source of peace for someone and helps her/him overcome anxiety, there is no limit to the amount of money that one spends on their pet. This trend is reflected in the demand for pet food which is increasing steadily.


Source: Google Trends


  • Towels

Based on IMARC group research, kitchen towels will reach a market value of $20.9 Billion by 2026 with moderate growth during the next few years. With new technology introduced by manufacturers, there’s plenty of choice in materials and performances for this kind of item used mostly to dry and clean home surfaces, especially in the kitchen. They are trending products to sell and you should consider to add them in your catalog if you didn’t yet.2


Source: Google Trends


The secret to finding new products, varieties, and categories for your store is ensuring they are not only popular now but have the potential to be consistent, long-term best-sellers. In other words, avoiding short-lived trends and opting instead for products that will not only boost sales but grow your repeat customer base – both of which are vital to staying on top in the coming year.


As evidenced by this post, eCommerce competition is expected to be fierce this summer, and being able to not only quickly spot possible product trends for your brand but market them in a way unique to your specific store and market is going to be absolutely vital if you intend to keep up.


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