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How to Complete an RFQ

Making the decision to source wholesale supplies abroad is an important one. It can be very rewarding, but also highly time-consuming. With so many options available, and not enough time to vet them all, buyers of wholesale supplies know the importance of partnering with trusted suppliers who can deliver on price and volume. At Exporta, our goal is to be that partner for you. 

Exporta Wholesale is the largest marketplace connecting suppliers in Latin America with buyers in North America. Today, we have a network of over 5,000 Latin American suppliers serving a variety of consumer goods and product categories in the United States. This article will outline how Exporta connects companies to Latin American suppliers.


In this post, we will walk through the steps of submitting a Request for Quotation (RFQ). This is your introduction to Exporta’s wholesale platform – our chance to get to know more about you, your business’ needs, and how we can help you source high-quality raw materials.


Step #1: Tell us what you’re looking for

The buyer’s journey towards finding a Latin American supplier partner begins by selecting among three options: (i) Private Label, (ii) White Label, (iii) Existing Products. This part of the process allows Exporta’s platform to better understand your needs and filter from among our 5,000 suppliers depending on your level of specificity and product customizations.



Step #2: Request Application for Quote

At this stage, buyers are recommended to request an application for a quote. This action will deliver the form to your browser, which will allow you to fill in the contents and specifics of your request. We recommend buyers send us a single quote for each SKU they are interested in sourcing product from.



An alternative action at this stage is to Browse Suppliers without submitting an RFQ. This option is only recommended if you are still in the early stages of setting up your business or if you want to better understand the network that we have on offer. 


Step #3: Fill out Details on RFQ



It is important for our technology platform to understand your product categories and descriptions in order to deliver a list of suppliers that match your tailored needs. Your specific product may not fall within one of the pre-populated lists of subcategories, however we recommend you be as specific as possible in the Product Description to allow us to match your supplier needs.



After filling out some basic detail, we will ask for further information related to security (i.e. Non-Disclosure Agreement), attachments relating to materials (i.e. tech packs, photos, files), and any similar product links that can help us better understand miscellaneous product needs (this is optional).



Step #4: Submit Order Volumes



In order for Exporta to accurately provide you with solutions that meet your needs, we need to get a sense of your company’s scale. Order volumes submitted at this stage are not binding – they simply allow us to match the quantities of product you are looking for with suppliers who can handle that type of volume



Step #5: Logistics



International delivery of supplies is handled through the Exporta platform – from customs and shipping to fulfillment. Choose an option for delivery terms that you want to receive quotes in.



Step #6: Review & Submit

At this stage, we have most of what we need to provide you with a list of reputable and trusted suppliers who can meet your needs. Check over the details of your quote and finalize your submission by clicking “Submit”.




Congrats! You’ve just completed the first step towards picking a Latin American manufacturing partner to meet your wholesale supply needs. To continue along the journey from RFQ to final purchase order, please check out our recent post on How Exporta Works. At Exporta, we are constantly adding new suppliers to our network, refining inventories at existing suppliers, and performing quality checks of input materials to ensure buyers are satisfied with the entire buying experience. Come check out Exporta Wholesale today for your one-shop stop destination to your Latin America supplier sourcing needs.


About Exporta Technologies

Exporta Wholesale is the largest marketplace connecting suppliers in Latin America with buyers in North America.


Exporta’s marketplace offers buyers a full service experience in the origination, sourcing and managing of products. The platform was founded on the idea that curation and service are the most important elements in the buyer’s journey. Exporta’s marketplace is building technology that addresses the pains of sourcing products internationally at attractive prices.

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