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How Does Exporta Connect Companies to Latin American Suppliers

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted global trade and supply chains at an unprecedented speed and scale. Faced with fluctuating costs and limited availability due to national mandates for border closures and factory shutdowns, companies all over the U.S. are accelerating their efforts to diversify supply chains because of the inherent risk associated with a one-source, China-based manufacturing practice.1

Among the different regions of the world U.S. buyers are increasingly moving toward, Latin America ranks among the top. The region’s continued investment in manufacturing capacity combined with its demographic, educational, and proximity advantages make it the ideal supply chain partner for U.S. companies looking for alternative trade partners, which is why U.S. buyers are increasingly using Exporta as their preferred go-to destination for sourcing Latin American suppliers.

Exporta Wholesale is the largest marketplace connecting suppliers in Latin America with buyers in North America. Today, we have a network of over 5,000 Latin American suppliers serving a variety of consumer goods and product categories in the United States. This article will outline how Exporta connects companies to Latin American suppliers.

Step #1: Submit a Request for Quotation (RFQ)

The buyer’s journey towards finding a Latin American supplier partner begins with a request for quotation. RFQs allow buyers to specify precisely what they are looking for, from quality of material, to order sizing and expected turnaround timelines. At this stage in the process, both general and highly specific RFQs will work in moving buyers along the process to receiving samples.

For the generalized, quick and easy approach, Exporta offers “Wholesale Products as-is”. This option contains products that are readily available from among Exporta’s 5,000 supplier network catalogs. In this option, buyers will select a product category from among a dozen choices including fabrics, beauty care, and personal protective equipment as well as the desired dollar landed cost per unit, date required for turnaround and reordering frequency. Minimum order quantity for this option is 100 units. Product detail information is optional.

For the more specific and customized approach, Exporta offers “New Product Development” for those buyers whose product needs require custom development or are private label. In this option, buyers are required to submit the same information as described above plus additional information regarding product details, which is required in order to process a New Product Development RFQ. Furthermore, the minimum order quantity for this option is 1,000 units

Product Guidelines

In order to ensure the high quality and integrity of materials sourced on Exporta Wholesale, product guidelines are set in place to comply with all the laws, regulations and with Exporta’s policies. The sale of illegal, unsafe, or any other restricted products is strictly prohibited. Exporta frequently regulates its product catalog on behalf of customers and third party vendors.

Once a product environment has been selected, buyers are taken to a quoting page where product categories, landed cost price points, and order volumes & frequencies are established.

Finally, to complete the RFQ process, buyers are asked to describe the product in detail and upload attachments that are specific to the buyers’ request, such as logos, blueprints and images. This part is optional for Wholesale Products as-is and required for New Product Development. For those buyers who are looking to source private label products a Tech Pack should be included to achieve the highest quality service from Exporta Wholesale. Keep in mind the more information that buyers provide at the time of RFQ, the better our team at Exporta will be able to serve their needs for order sizing, timing, and quality.

Step #2: Exporta’s Proprietary Platform Technology Matches Suppliers to RFQ

Once an RFQ has been submitted, the proposal is automatically routed through Exporta’s entire library of supply catalogs, where a matching algorithm will assign “matching scores” to several Latin American suppliers based on the specifications of the RFQ. Since Exporta keeps a real-time, up-to-date database of supplier networks and inventory availability, product categories, price points, and expected turnaround timing can all be matched to pair buyers with the most optimal Latin American trade partner. 

Once a curated selection of potential Latin Americans has been found, the buyer will be notified of supplier quotes. At this step in the process, an Exporta account manager will also be assigned to the buyer to assist in answering any questions about the quotes provided by the suppliers. Supplier quotes will vary on pricing and expected timelines, so buyers will have many options to choose whatever trade partner fits their business situation best.

Step #3: Samples Procured and Sent

After an RFQ has been sent and a supplier partner has been chosen based on the quote, buyers will have the opportunity to receive a product sample from the supplier before a full purchase order is made. This step in the process allows the buyer to have a “look and feel” of the product and how it is made.

Ordering a sample will take longer than a more typical purchase order step because of the shipping involved. However, Exporta’s white-glove concierge service provides buyers the comfort to test drive Latin American suppliers at minimal cost. Our team of sourcing specialists also work hand-in-hand with buyers until products are delivered to their door. From sample procurement, sample approval and purchase orders placed, our sales teams are available for assistance 24/7.

Step #4: Purchase Order

Finally, the last step in the process is the purchase order. By this point, buyers have had a full assessment of different Latin American supplier options, a chance to experience the product as it would be normally delivered, and opportunities to get questions answered from Exporta account managers representing the entire Latin Americans supply network. 

Using updated invoicing software, expedited shipping options, and service guarantees, Exporta is a true end-to-end technology platform that connects buyers to reputable and high-quality Latin American suppliers.



Picking a manufacturer to partner with is an important business decision to be made. With a variety of factors at play from pricing to reliability and product quality, it is critical to have all the available information at the time you need it. At Exporta, we are constantly adding new suppliers to our network, refining inventories at existing suppliers, and performing quality checks of input materials to ensure buyers are satisfied with the entire buying experience. Come check out Exporta Wholesale today for your one-shop stop destination to your Latin America supplier sourcing needs.


About Exporta Technologies

Exporta Wholesale is the largest marketplace connecting suppliers in Latin America with buyers in North America.

Exporta’s marketplace offers buyers a full service experience in the origination, sourcing and managing of products. The platform was founded on the idea that curation and service are the most important elements in the buyer’s journey. Exporta’s marketplace is building technology that addresses the pains of sourcing products internationally at attractive prices.



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